Allina Hospitals and Clinics became "Allina Health". We wanted to modernize their identity and shift away from illness and move towards wellness. The new direction we chose for them was "on your path to better health". The icon reflects growth and paths. The colors were also chosen to reinforce wellness and well being.
The Allina Health promise:
We are all here to help you on your path to better health. 
Everyone of us.
Here to care, to guide, to motivate, to comfort, to inspire.
The work we do is profound and distinguishes us. 
But it's the small things we do every day that will define us.
We believe you are an integral part of the care team. 
We are here in service to you, from beginning to end.
Dedicated to enriching your experience with us–
body, mind and spirit.
whenever, wherever we meet.
On your path with us, we will give you options.
We will respect your time.
We will use plain language.
We will listen with compassion.
And speak with purpose.
We will applaud your efforts.
We will address concerns.
We will be fearless advocates and tireless partners on your path to better health.

Allina Health outdoor advertisement
Allina Health vehicle Identity
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